As we get older it’s important that we not only look after our bodies, but our minds as well. Taking the time to look after ourselves can really boost our overall well-being. 

With age, we start to notice a decrease in our mobility as our cognitive abilities decrease. This can have an effect on our mental well-being, but scientists recommend two ways we can maintain a healthy well-being – outdoor stimulation and exercise.

So, going for a bike ride can be a great way to help keep our minds stimulated and our bodies active. 

Although cycling can be an intense activity, using an electric bike can help older people go faster and further without the risk of overexertion. Additionally, the regular, smooth movements don’t cause a big strain on your muscles and joints. 

Health Benefits

Regular cycling has many known health benefits including helping to improve your cardiovascular health.

For example, cycling just four miles a day can help reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by 50%. Cycling also helps to prevent conditions like type II diabetes and cancer. 

Using electric bikes can not only help to prevent health conditions, but can help manage existing conditions. Traditional cycling isn’t always accessible to some, as it can take quite a toll on the body, especially in those who suffer physical conditions. 

However, e-Bike’s electrical assistance removes these barriers, and conditions like arthritis and type II diabetes can be managed via electric cycling which can aid weight loss and improve circulation.

Electric vs Traditional 

You might be wondering whether using an electric bike can provide the same health benefits that traditional pedal bikes do.

But using a pedal bike doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll reap greater benefits. In fact, a recent study into the effect cycling can have in older adults found that electric bikes can offer a better brain boost compared to traditional pedal bikes. 

The study, published on PLOS One, found that participants who used electric bikes not only found that they’re cognitive skills improved at the same rate as participants who used pedal-only bikes, but that they also gained an improved sense of well-being. 

One of the hardest things to accept about aging is our decreased freedom and mobility. However, many elderly electric bike users note the positive impact owning an e-bike has on their lives.

Many find it has helped them open up their worlds again, as they are more mobile, social and find they have an overwhelmingly better sense of well-being. 

Are Electric Bikes Safe For Seniors?

E-biking has been a proven safe and effective form of exercise for people who would otherwise be quite limited. 

Getting around can be difficult the older we get, especially if public transport options are limited, or it can become increasingly dangerous to drive (from declining vision and motor functions). But many older people find commuting with an electric bike a safe and reliable alternative. 

Will I Over-exert Myself? 

One of the many benefits of using an electric bike is that you can find a perfect balance between getting exercise in, without putting any unnecessary strain on your body. 

In comparison to a traditional pedal-only bike, you can customise how you choose to ride. For instance using pedal-assist gives you great balance between manually pedalling, and having the bike do most of the pedalling for you. 

Of course you must exercise in moderation. Doing too much too fast can cause injury. 

Is it too heavy?

Electric bikes tend to be heavier than traditional pedal bikes because of the added weight of the battery and the motor. However, you really don’t notice the difference when cycling, as an e-bike does most of the work for you when riding. 

If you are concerned about the weight, most electric bikes typically weigh around 25kg, but there are some lighter alternatives with more lightweight models coming out all the time. Also, the battery can be easily removed which will make the bike easier to carry. 

Ultimately, you need to consider your own physical condition before determining what exercise routine is best for you. 

What’s the Best Electric Bike for Seniors?

When considering purchasing an electric bike, there’s multiple options to choose from which can be overwhelming – especially when trying to find the perfect bicycle for you and your needs. 

We recommend:

Ancheer 26” Aluminium Electric Bike 

The Ancheer is an all-round good bike for senior riders to use. Capable of holding up to 330lbs, this bike can reach a maximum speed of up to 20 miles per hour.

The bike itself weighs in at around 58lbs – which is reasonably light for an electric bike, but the detachable battery can make it easier to lift/move the bike around.

One of the most popular aspects of this bike is that it is one of the safest models on the market, thanks to its dual disc-brake technology. This technology prevents any jerks when coming to sudden stops, making breaking an easier experience. 

More senior-friendly design aspects include the six-speed gear system, which is great for helping with uphill climbs. The low-step through design also makes it easier to mount the bike, and the wide handlebars encourage riders to maintain an upright posture whilst riding. 

In terms of assembly, many customers note that it’s a quick and easy process.  

This bike features three different working modes:

  • E-bike/Throttle Mode – This mode uses the full benefits of having a battery and motor powered bike, meaning you can put little effort into pedalling. (Note: the battery can last up to 35 miles using throttle mode)
  • Assisted Bicycle/ Pedal/Assist – This mode uses some of the electric features, and gives you a great balance between manual and automatic control. (Note: the battery can last up to 45 miles using pedal assist mode).
  • Normal Bicycle – this means the bike functions like a regular pedal-only bicycle. This can be handy if you want to abandon the use of electrical assist and want to give yourself a challenge.