If you are looking for an eco-conscious method of transportation, electric bikes are a great solution that are becoming more commonplace thanks to the convenience of not making the rider exert as much energy that comes with a regular manual bike.

However, a quick internet search will inform you just how expensive electric bikes can be so for those working with a strict budget, we’ve gathered the top electric bikes on the market for under $1000 followed by an exclusive Buyers Guide and FAQ so you know what to expect when you are conducting your own research. 

Here are the top five electric bikes under 1000 available on the market:

Our first recommendation is the ANCHEER Electric Bike which has been equipped with a 350W high speed brushless motor that provides more than enough power to get you through your daily commute or adventuring across mountain terrain.

With top speeds of 20 miles an hour, you can get to places quickly without using as much strain or energy as a manual bike.

The battery is removable and provides between 22 to 40 miles per charge meaning you can get plenty of riding time without worrying about the battery running out quickly.

You can also charge the battery either on or off the bike meaning that you don’t have to worry about it being stolen. Constructed from a light and strong aluminum alloy frame with aluminum alloy double walled rims bring more durability and reliability. 

What makes this our top pick is that it has 3 working models for extra versatility thanks to the 4 speed smart meter button so you can choose how much power you want at any time depending on what kind of ride you are on.

The high strength front suspension fork, professional 21 speed gears and front and rear mechanical disc brakes provide a comfortable riding experience that keeps you safe.

The bike comes almost fully assembled meaning that you can set it up quickly on arrival and put it to use.



Our second selection is another ANCHEER model and is their 350/500W Electric Bike which also comes equipped with their most powerful motor to help you ride along various terrain whether it is for daily commutes or mountain riding.

This bike will help you to get to places quickly thanks to the 20 mile maximum speed limit.

This bike is one of the best that ANCHEER has to offer thanks to their larger capacity battery which is an amazing 10.2 Ah lithium ion battery which allows for around 30 miles of travelling per charge meaning you will have a full day’s adventure without worrying about the battery running out.

You can also charge the battery on or off the bike so you don’t have to worry about it being stolen.

This bike comes with an upgraded LCD display which includes a 5 speed display, battery level display and motor power ratio display to give you a more informed ride and allows you to view your statistics easily and quickly so you can monitor your bike’s battery and your own performance. 

This bike comes with an upgraded transmission system which includes professional 24 speed gears which helps to increase the strength of the hill climbing power whilst furthering range variation and greater terrain adaptability than 21 speed gears.

The front and rear mechanical disc brakes provide more powerful and progressive braking regardless of the weather.

This bike is shipped almost fully assembled so completing the assembly shouldn’t take you too much time and it comes with everything you need to ensure that it is ready to go as soon as possible.



Our third choice is the Hafny New Handlebar Bike Mirror, HD Blast-Resistant which is a handlebar bike mirror that provides a high definition visual with a blast resistant, automotive grade safe glass lens.

The body is made from eco-friendly, sturdy high impact nylon with a fiber mix for extra durability while the aluminum clamp is rust resistant and can withstand a lot of damage and contact without breaking.

This bicycle mirror has a great fitting range and can be installed onto handlebar sizes between 21mm and 26mm. This bicycle mirror has a printed reflector on the back so you can ride safely at night. 

The lens is made from super clear automotive grade class which is also shatterproof meaning that it can withstand rides on irregular terrain.

Made from premium materials, this mirror is constructed from eco-friendly materials that are high quality with a slightly convex surface so you can have a better view of the road behind you.

The 50% to 60% anti glare function makes this bike mirror handy in brighter environments so you don’t have to worry about the sun blocking your view.



Our penultimate recommendation is the NAKTO 26″ 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle  which boasts a high strength carbon steel frame and is packed with plenty of premium comfort shock absorption at a great price.

The front fork is made using high quality carbon steel for a comfortable and seamless ride regardless of what terrain you are riding on. The bike has a front V brake and rear expansion brake as well as a six speed transmission system meaning you can choose your speed according to your own personal preference.

The brake system has been designed with safety in mind meaning that you can ride knowing that you have more control than if you were riding a manual bike. This bike also comes with a horn and bright LED headlamp for night time riding. 

This bike comes with a 10AH lithium battery which is removable so you can charge it on or off the bike. With a great maximum distance of 35 miles per charge, you can go on daily adventures without worrying about the battery running out.

The two working modes allow you to choose how you want to ride meaning that you can combine the two for a more comfortable riding experience while the selectable pedal assist provides more comfortability on the body.

The bike and battery come with a one year warranty with customer support on hand if you need it providing extra peace of mind.



Our final selection is the ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike which adopts an ultra lightweight and strong aluminum with double shock absorption as well as a mechanical front and rear disc brake design and 21 speed professional transmission system.

Perfect for those who like to go mountain biking, this bike has great climbing ability.

The 26 inch magnesium alloy integrated wheels also boast an anti slip resistant thick tire which makes it great for all kinds of terrain while increasing hill climbing power, terrain adaptability and furthering range variation.

The three working modes mean that you can choose the electric assist power according to what you need at the time.

Learning how to combine the three will give you a more seamless and enjoyable riding experience. 

This bike comes equipped with a 36V 8AH lithium ion front battery as well as a 250W stable motor which allows you to reach around 30 miles a day so you can use it for the whole day without having to charge it up making it highly convenient.

The bike comes almost fully assembled meaning that you don’t have to worry about spending hours putting it together from scratch.



Buyers Guide

When researching which electric bike is right for you, there are certain things that you need to look out for in order to prevent disappointment while also ensuring that you know what to expect when it arrives.

Always think about the materials that the bike is made from, any warranty period or returns policy and your budget. Once you have weighed up these factors against your own criteria, you’ll be able to make a fully informed decision with confidence. 


The first thing you always need to think about is the materials that are used in the bike’s construction.

You’ll find that the majority of bikes in this article are made from aluminum which is one of the best materials thanks to its resilience and anti-rust qualities which also proves to be durable and reliable meaning that you can be assured that this bike will last for years to come.


Another important factor that you should consider is whether the bike comes with a warranty period or returns policy, especially if you are unsure whether an electric bike is right for you.

Warranty periods are great as they provide extra peace of mind for the buyer whilst also allowing you access to customer service teams who are on hand to help you with any technical issues you may be having. 


Lastly, always consider your budget. As this article delves into what electric bikes are available under $1000, it’s important to really do your research into what makes a quality bike to prevent any disappointment.

As you can see from the selection in this article, there are plenty of high quality options available at more affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are electric bikes worth it?

Electric bikes provide even more benefits than manual bikes as they allow you to save energy which is great for those who want to use their bike for daily commutes.

Another great advantage is that they are efficient when climbing hills or when riding against the wind while also providing better range. 

What are the disadvantages of electric bikes?

Just as there are many advantages that come with electric bikes, it’s important to know about some of the disadvantages so you know what to expect.

The main disadvantage is that the majority of them are extremely expensive but other disadvantages can be that the battery charge time can be long and the structure of the bike tends to be heavier than manual bikes as well.