An electric bike also referred to as an e-bike, utilizes an electrical drive system which propels it forward.

The battery of an electric bike allows riders to travel much faster than they would be able to using a standard bike, thus resulting in shorter commute times.

It is also an energy-efficient form of transportation that does not produce any emissions. 

Although electric bikes are super convenient, they do not travel quite as fast as cars and because of this, you may be curious as to whether it is possible to make your electric bike travel faster. 

Whilst it is possible to increase the speed of your electric bike, there are certain ways that you should go about doing it. We have identified several of them in our article below. 

First and foremost, it is important to note that speed regulations can differ between countries, hence why electric bikes are designed with a speed limiter.

Riding your bike above the speed limit may result in a voided warranty and may also land you in trouble with the law.

As such, you must make yourself aware of the speed limit in your area and ensure that you do not exceed it. 

Electric bikes have certain capabilities regarding the speeds that they can travel at.

Riding your bike too fast may cause certain components to become damaged. For this reason, you should make sure that the speed at which you travel does not affect the power of your bike.

Charge the battery

An electric bike that is fully charged is going to travel faster. This is because the battery produces the most volts when it is charged to its maximum capacity.

As the charge of the battery drops, the voltage will also decrease. If you regularly use your electric bike you will likely find yourself having to charge it quite often.

Avoid trying to complete too many journeys on a single charge because the speed is going to be affected. 

Fit a new battery 

The speed of the motor is going to be determined by the voltage of the battery. For this reason, you may choose to replace the current battery with one that has a higher voltage.

Before you start searching for a new battery, you must check that your bike can handle a battery with more power. You should only proceed to swap out the battery if it has an appropriate voltage rating. 

Change your tires

Some electric bikes have mountain or off-road tires and whilst they effectively grip onto the surface of the road, they are a hindrance when it comes to speed.

As such, we recommend that you change them for smoother tires. Because they have lower road resistance they will enable your bike to travel at a faster speed. 

Pump up your tires

Another straightforward way that you can increase the speed of your bike is by pumping up the tires. Tires that have more air in them have a lower rolling resistance.

Pump up your tires until they are near but have not yet exceeded the maximum pressure rating. In doing so, you will notice that you can reach greater speeds on your bike.

Tires with more air inside them are going to be firmer so you are more likely to feel the bumps in the road and some riders may find this a little uncomfortable. 

Alter your posture

The majority of us ride our bikes in an upright seated position with our backs straight. Whilst this is going to be more comfortable, the wind is going to hit you more and this ultimately slows down the speed of your bike.

To avoid this issue, move your body so that it is not a target of the wind and try to sit in a slightly more crouched position.

Although this is likely to be rather uncomfortable for those embarking on a long journey, it is going to be more manageable for those who are only traveling a short distance. 

Invest in a windshield

If riding in a crouched position does not appeal to you, you may prefer to add a windshield to the front of your bike. Believe it or not, a windshield can be hugely influential on your speed.

Instead of hitting you, the wind is going to hit the windshield. Your bike will become more efficient as a result. The effectiveness of adding a windshield depends on the bike that you own and the maximum speed that it can reach.

Bikes that are generally slow are not going to benefit from such an overly vast increase in speed.

Alter the speed settings

As we have mentioned, the majority of electric bikes are fitted with a speed limit, which stops them from exceeding a certain speed.

You may choose to alter the speed settings by disabling the speed limiter.

The speed limiter is connected to the speed controller by a wire. Once you have pinpointed the wire you can then remove it. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it, several ways that you can increase the speed of your electric bike. Depending on the power of your bike, you may find some of these methods to be more effective than others.

You should travel at a safe speed because riding your bike too fast may not only be a breach of the law but also puts you at more risk of becoming injured.

Aside from this, driving at high speeds for a prolonged period will drain the bike’s battery sooner.

Not only will you find yourself changing the battery regularly, but you may also find that it wears sooner than expected.

This may also be the case with the motor. Traveling at a fast speed puts more stress on the motor and this can cause it to become damaged.

Do not attempt to change any features and functions on your bike unless you are completely confident in doing so. A lack of expertise may do more harm than good.