When it comes to owning an electric bike, you may find yourself questioning how you’re supposed to clean it. Electric bikes are amazing pieces of equipment – not only are they fast and flexible, but they are also great for fitness and eco-friendly.

However, at the end of the day, they are still bikes – which means they’re going to be exposed to environments that will make them dirty. And how can you clean a bike that is powered by electricity? 

Most manufacturers will recommend using a damp cloth to wipe away your bike’s stains and imperfections. But we all know that sometimes a cloth isn’t enough to get your electric bike sparkling clean.

So how can you clean your bike efficiently and safely? Down below we have detailed the various ways you can approach cleaning your e-bike. These cleaning methods are easy and promise to keep your bike looking brand new. 

Can I Jet Wash My Ebike?

When wanting to clean your electric bike, jet washing may look like an easy and fast method to getting it squeaky clean. And although it is possible to give your electric bike a good old jet wash – this doesn’t mean it’s exactly recommended.

When using a jet washer, you are directing vast amounts of water and pressure at your bike, which could prove catastrophic if performed over long periods.

By constantly submerging the motor and electric battery of your bike in water, you are risking the quality of the protective casings.

These protective casings have been designed to keep your bike’s battery and motor safe from water and other potentially damaging elements. However, this does not mean that they are entirely safe or completely waterproof.

These casings can be easily breached when exposed to vast amounts of water for longer than 10 minutes, which will allow the water to then enter your motor and battery.

Getting these components of your bike wet should be the last thing you want, as a wet battery could render your electric bike useless and in need of replacement. 

However, this does not mean that using a jet wash can’t be effective. If you are going to use a jet wash to clean your bike, then we recommend using the lowest setting and standing as far away from the bike as possible.

By performing these two tasks, you will relieve the amount of pressure being thrown at the bike, which will help to reduce the chances of damaging the protective casings.

Once you have given your bike a light rinsing, then you should start tackling it manually with a cloth or sponge. The jet wash should only be used as a means to get your e-bike wet. 

How Can I Clean My Electric Bike?

When it comes to washing your electric bike, manufacturers will often recommend using a damp cloth to tackle the dirt. However, we all know that certain stains and messes will require more than a moist towelette.

That is why we have researched the best ways to clean your e-bike, using information that has been provided by e-bike designers.

Cleaning Electric Bike

In the following guide, we have outlined everything you need to know about cleaning your bike in an efficient and bike-friendly manner. 

Step One: Water

When cleaning your electric bike, there’s one component that you can’t avoid – and that’s water. Although we have already established the dangers of using water to clean your electric bike, this doesn’t mean that it should be removed as an element of the cleaning process. 

To get started, fill a bucket with water and then add some dish soap or bike cleaner to the liquid. Once this has been done, then you can use the water to rinse away any excess dirt or troublesome stains.

If you are concerned about damaging your motor or battery during this process, then some e-bikes will allow you to remove them first.

Bosch e-bikes are known for this feature. However, if the motor and battery are fixed you can lessen the chances of damage by wrapping them in clingfilm. 

Some e-bike brands, such as Specialized, recommend using a jet wash to clean the bike first. However, you should only use the jet wash on its lowest setting; while standing as far away from the bike as possible. This will allow you to rinse the bike without letting the pressure of the jet wash damage it.

Some e-bikes, like those produced by Giant, come with waterproof batteries, which means you can apply lots of soap and water without having to be concerned about damages. Giant even recommends using a garden hose to wash away any excess dirt. 

Step Two: Products

Cleaning your bike can be long and exhausting, that is why we recommend introducing some cleaning products into the process. One product that every electric bike owner should use is a degreaser, which can be applied to the bike’s drivetrain.

Once you have applied this product to your bike’s chains and cassette, then you can let it soak for 5 minutes while you work on the rest of the bike. However, you must be careful not to get a degreaser on your brakes, as this can cause damage or leave you with squeaky mechanisms. 

Some e-bike brands, like Shimano, also recommend using neutral detergents during the cleaning process. Neutral detergents can help when needing to tackle more troublesome stains and can be particularly effective when needing to remove thick layers of compacted mud.

Other brands like Giant, recommend applying lubricants to your bike after it has been fully washed and dried. These will help to keep your bike chains wet, allowing them to run smoothly and efficiently.

Step Three: Tools

When your electric bike has been fully rinsed and covered in soap, it is time to start tackling the mess more manually. E-bike brands like Shimano recommend using damp or well-wrung cloths to wipe down their products.

This will allow you to focus on certain areas of your electric bike, giving them the time and attention they need. Sponges can also be used for this particular purpose, however, damp cloths are more highly recommended. 

Some e-bike brands, like Specialized, also recommend using soft brushes to tackle the bike’s more sensitive areas. Cleaning brushes can also be effective when used to clean the bike’s wheels, as they are capable of reaching more troublesome and messy areas.

If you want to make sure that you are truly caring for your electric bike, then you must always clean the wheels and make sure that the tires are fully inflated.