Electric bikes (or bicycles) are available in a wide variety of different power levels. Starting out at a modest 250W and powering upwards of 1000W – but which wattage level is right for you?

The best way to decide is by first considering what it is that you need an electric bicycle for.

Most electric bikes tend to start off at a wattage level of 250. Though there are some electric bikes that fall within the 200W range, these are often made in a scooter style and intended for assisting those who need one for health reasons.

However, if you’re interested in purchasing an electric bike that falls within the 250W class, then you’ll have a lot more freedom, as these feature a regular bicycle design.

As 250-watt electric bikes are deemed as being on the lowest power classes, it’s worth keeping in mind that you’ll likely only be able to use one for flat terrain cruising. This makes them super ideal for traveling through the city and around the neighborhood.

Unfortunately, these bikes do struggle to climb up inclines and hills without the added help of pedaling, which is something to keep in mind if you’re on the search for an electric bike that you’re going to be able to take through hilly terrains.

Alongside taking into consideration what you’re going to be using your electric bicycle for, you should also consider other factors when making your decision, such as weight.

If you’re a heavier rider or plan on wearing a heavy backpack while riding, then you might find that a 250W e-bike struggles to power up an incline, even when you’re assisting it via pedaling.

Due to the smaller engine size of 250W bikes, there often isn’t enough torque to be able to gain enough power to travel up a hill while maintaining speed, which can cause damage to both the wheels and engine. In this instance, a bike with a slightly larger engine (such as 500W) may be a better option to consider.

Additionally, 250W electric bikes also tend to lack when it comes to speed and have a maximum of around 20mph, which is another factor to take into account when deciding whether or not it’s within the right power range for you and your personal needs.

Is 350 watts enough for an ebike?

Even though a 350W electric bike is a slight jump from the 250W category, the difference in power cannot be ignored.

While 250W bikes can be pretty difficult to accelerate (and to maintain speed) the additional 100W of engine power will ensure that electric bikes that fall within the 350W category are able to increase in acceleration quickly while also allowing for snappier pull off times.

This means that, though an electric bike with 350 watts might not boast as powerful an engine as some of the larger electric bike categories, it’ll pack enough punch to be able to withstand regular use across a variety of different terrains.

This makes a 350-watt electric bike suitable for riders that are looking for a bike that’s going to be able to maintain speed, offer a respectable acceleration rate, and be able to handle uneven, hilly terrains.

As a side note, it’s worth keeping in mind that even though a 350-watt electric bike will be able to handle getting up small hills, you’ll have to assist it by pedaling in order to maintain speed and to prevent the engine from becoming overburdened.



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Is 500 watts enough for an electric bike?

If you’re looking for an electric bike that’s going to offer some real power, you’d be making a good choice to opt for one that falls within the 500-watt level.

These electric bikes are great choices for those looking for a bike that they can use for a variety of purposes, including off-road cycling, flat terrain riding, and even for the daily commute.

These bikes have much better acceleration and pull-off rates than 250-350 watt electric bikes and, thanks to their larger engine sizes, you’ll also be able to enjoy an increased level of power and torque that will be fit for handling both city and country terrains without a hitch.

It’s also worth noting that, when armed with a 500W electric bike, you can expect to surpass speeds of 20mph.

However, even though these bikes will be able to handle smaller hills, you will likely find that these bikes struggle to gather enough traction to cruise up anything bigger, which is something to consider if you live in a particularly hilly area. In this case, we recommend leveling up to at least 750W.

Is 750w enough for an ebike?

Electric bikes that come with a wattage level of 750W are deemed to be one of the more powerful categories of electric bikes, which makes them ideal for serving a variety of different purposes.

More specifically, if you’ve got a need for speed, then the engine size of a 750W electric bike is just what you need if you want to achieve those quick acceleration rates and cruise upwards of 28mph.

Unlike lower categories of wattage, bikes that fall within the 750W range will offer an excellent climbing performance that will see you consistently traveling across both flat and hilly terrains without needing to assist the engine through pedaling.

This makes them a great choice for those that want an electric bike that’s going to be powerful enough to do the majority of hard work for them, without being too powerful that the rider feels out of control.

How many watts do I need for my ebike?

The answer to this question greatly depends on what it is that you need your electric bike for.

If you’re only in the market for an electric bike that you can use for recreational purposes and across flat terrains, then you’ll only need to consider purchasing an electric bike with a wattage level of around 250-350 watts.

However, if you plan on using an electric bike to take across hilly terrains, or you simply want the engine power to be able to hit those high speeds, then you’ll want to opt for an electric bike that’s at least 500 watts or up.


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