Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular with brands regularly releasing new models to the market. There are several reasons why more people are choosing to travel using an electric bike. First and foremost an electric bike makes your commute faster by allowing you to pedal with greater ease. Just like a traditional bike, an electric model delivers many health benefits; improved heart health and brain functioning.  If you are looking to purchase an electric bike, your search is likely to have highlighted that the market is inundated with different models. As such, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you.  Founded in California in 2007, Linus bikes are modern, practical, and suitable for everyday use. Aside from improving the health and wellbeing of their users, their bikes also contribute to reduced carbon emissions. Boasting an innovative design, they prioritize the comfort of their customers whilst only selecting materials that can withstand frequent use.  Recently, the brand has broadened its horizons by venturing into the world of electric bikes. The range consists of four models; the Cesta 500, the Ember e6100, the Ero 500, and the Felix e6100. Although each bike surrounds the same concept of utilizing electricity for power, they differ slightly in terms of features and design. To help you decide which of these bikes is best suited to your lifestyle, we have reviewed all of them below. Continue reading if you would like to find out more.

First, we have the Cesta 500 which is one of the cheapest offerings within the electric range. It sports a modern design and is available in two colorways; cream with black tires or marine blue with cream tires. 

This bike has a powerful motor that has a 40 mile range capacity and delivers 50 nm of torque which is more than acceptable for this style of bike. As such, your legs do not have to work as hard to rotate the pedals and propel the bike forwards. 

In regards to comfort, this bike has large tires that effectively absorb shock and impact from the ground. Because of this, you can enjoy a smoother ride. Aside from this, you are provided with a gel comfort saddle that has a soft layer that will keep you stably positioned as you ride.

The handles are coated with brown leather with hand-stitched ridges that will allow you to maintain a secure but comfortable grip as you ride. 

Riders are likely to appreciate the Class 2 system which features both pedal-assist or throttle control. The former is ideal for those who still want the responsibility of pedaling but the help of the motor to help them travel faster and with greater ease.

The latter will use the motor to propel you and the bike. You have the choice of pedaling too or letting the bike do all of the work for you. 


The classic style of the e6100 is emulated through every fine detail that has been incorporated into its design. As one of the newer releases, it is a little pricier than some of the other models, however, it is great for those who are looking for an electric bike that is capable of traveling further. 

It features a powerful but lightweight E6100 Shimano motor which delivers an impressive 60 nm of torque. This reduces the effort that you need to apply to pedaling. Thanks to the Shimano E8014 battery you can travel up to 90 miles on a single charge. As this is a quick charge battery you don’t have to wait for long for it to reach its full capacity. 

Keeping up with the demands of many modern consumers, the grips on the handle are made from vegan leather. Riders can maintain a firm grip which will allow them to travel safely. Comfort certainly has not been ignored as the saddle has been made from gel. 

Available in two colorways, different tastes are catered to. Customers can choose from a sleek crame frame or an eye-catching sage frame. The inclusion of hydraulic brakes makes it possible to ride in all weathers as they make it possible to stop on all kinds of terrain. 


A fashionable but functional electric bike, the Ero 500 incorporates several old-school elements and is available in two sizes. Because of this, it is suitable for riders of different heights. It is fitted with a 500w electric motor and a 48 V battery which has a 40 mile range. 

Riders can choose between throttle control or pedal assist. On days where you want some exercise, you can opt for the pedal-assist feature which will add speed to your pedaling motion. Alternatively, you can opt for throttle control. This function will do the work for you so that you can relax. 

This bike can be ridden at night thanks to the front and rear reflectors which ensure that you can be seen when visibility is poor. The brown hand-stitched grips add a sophisticated look to the handles whilst remaining comfortable and usable. 

The gel saddle is coated in leather which matches the handlebars. It’s super comfortable, allowing you to ride for longer with ease. Impressively, this bike has a Shimano 8-speed rapid-fire gear shifter which caters to the demands of the terrain that you are traveling along. 


Last but not least we have the Felix e6100. Again, this is an elegantly designed bike that doesn’t ignore the finer details that you would expect from a classic but modern electric bike.

Similar to one of the previous models from the brand, it is equipped with a Shimano e6100 motor. Though it may be lightweight, it certainly does not compromise on power delivering an impressive 60 nm of torque. 

It is fitted with Kenda Kwick Seven5 tires which have reflective stripes. For this reason, they will remain visible if you ride in dim light. Aside from this, it also features a front and rear light which ensures that you can see the terrain ahead of you. 

Thanks to the custom-designed rear rack, you can transport your belongings to and from your destination with ease. Just like the Ember e6100, this model has vegan leather-coated gripped handles that match the color of the leather gel saddle. As such, you can enjoy a safe journey as you can retain a secure grip on the handlebars.

As for color availability, this particular model is available in a single colorway which is midnight blue. This adds a sleek feel to the bike without overriding the classic aesthetic. There are two sizes to choose from, a medium and a large so you can select the best option for your needs.


What do we like about the Linus E-bikes?

Each of these bikes incorporates many favorable features, some of which we have listed below. 

Size availability – a great thing about the bikes in this range is that two of them are available in medium and large sizes. This means that riders of different heights can enjoy a comfortable ride by selecting a bike that accommodates their height. 

Versatility – we particularly like how these bikes are suitable for everyday use, particularly the Ero 500. The designs and style are simple yet functional and each model has all of the features that you need for an enjoyable commute. 

Power – The powerful motors means that you can ride further without over-exerting yourself to reach your desired speed. They have generous batteries which last for a decent amount of time before running low. 

Construction – the frames are constructed from 6061 aluminum which is known for its strength and durability. For this reason, they can withstand frequent use without becoming easily damaged.


Linus manufactures an impressive range of electric bikes. You can either opt for the pedal-assist which will aid you as you pedal or the throttle control which will do the work for you. Out of the available options, you are bound to find a bike that caters to your needs and riding style.