A well-known name in the Ebike space, the first Sondors Ebike had a modern and unique start. It was crowdfunded and this, along with the bold claims that producing an Ebike would only cost $500, garnered it a lot of publicity.

However, Sondors defied the critics and was successful in shipping and producing that first model. Since then, they have transitioned into a more typical company structure, producing many different models. 

One notable thing about the Sondors owner community is the excitement that comes with modifying and upgrading their bikes.

The secret to Sondor’s low prices is the fact their bikes do not include any accessories, and while these can be bought from Sondors at an additional cost, many owners prefer to add their own accessories from other brands they trust or to get creative with DIY solutions.

If you’re stuck on what accessories you would need for your bike though, don’t worry – Sondors has a bustling online community always willing to help and provide inspiration!

Today, we will be reviewing the Sondors Fold X. While it is considered a sequel of sorts to the original Sondors Fold, due to its popularity it is often just referred to as the Sondors Fold.

A little confusing! We’ll be breaking down all the components of the bike, but before we do that, a quick summary of the bike’s features.

Sondors Fold X White


The bike’s most surprising feature that makes it stand out from the rest is its very fast folding mechanism. You can fold a Sondors Fold X in a very impressive 10 seconds.

Its folding dimensions are also part of the bike’s popularity. With folding dimensions of 39” x 18” x 29” (LxWxH), you can fit the Folders X in even the tightest of spaces!

Besides the speedy folding mechanism and minimal folding dimensions, the Sondors Fold X is also affordable, with a clean, integrated battery and motor design. 


Sondors bikes have a distinctive and aesthetically pleasing design and the Fold X is no exception. We are particularly impressed with the frame, as it is not only foldable but made of 100% forged aluminum.

It is a frame that can accommodate average heights and weights. At just 6 pounds, the frame makes the bike extremely light at an overall weight of just 50 pounds.

The Fold X also has a stand-over height of 28”, a minimum/maximum seat height of 32.75” – 41.75,” and a handlebar reach of 23.43.” It also has a wheel-to-wheel unfolded length of 66” and an unfolded handlebar width of 26.5.”

What makes Sondors bikes so unique is that their innovative design doesn’t sacrifice extreme performance. In fact, the design and style of their bikes enhance their adaptability, portability, and convenience.

This isn’t something you can say about most bikes! Whether you want to tuck your Fold X in your trunk or carry it with you, its sleek design and great folding mechanisms make either possible. 

Furthermore, the Fold X is available in three eye-catching colors: Jet Black, Glossy White, and Metallic Silver. So while its folding mechanisms make the bike as discreet as you want it to be, its bold colors ensure you’ll be turning heads when riding it!

The Motor

The Sondors Fold X comes with a generous 500 Watt motor, which is plenty for a folding bike of this size, especially if you’ll mainly be riding this bike for your commute. The motor can speed the Fold X to up to 20 miles per hour, getting you to your destination quickly all while looking good!

However, this motor does come in handy when riding your bike along coasts or seashores, where airflow is particularly high. 

While Sondors boasts that the Fold X has the motor capacity to offer extreme torque, towing capacity, and hill-climbing power it doesn’t perform as a fully equipped mountain bike would.

If you are after a fat tire cruiser bike, then we recommend choosing a bike with a more powerful motor such as an Addmotor Toretto, or a 5,000 Watt electric bike. While 500 Watt motors will definitely do the job on your commute and it can handle coastal rides, it is definitely not enough for mountain biking. 

If you want the best of both worlds and a bike you can take to work as well as take on adventures, we recommend upgrading to a motor of at least 1,000 Watts.

The Battery

The Sondors Fold X uses a 48V 14 Ah battery. This is nearly double the range of its predecessor. It uses a lithium-ion battery that can work on Panasonic, LG, or Samsung cells.

What makes this battery excellent is its sleekness. It complements the Sondors Fold X’s unique cylinder design and fits perfectly into the main section of the tube.

This protects the battery from climate and weather damage and locks the battery in even if you crash the bike. What’s more, even when the bike is completely folded, the battery does not protrude.

Due to the battery’s sleekness, you won’t have to worry about the battery weight – a common concern for electric bike owners. Compared to other electric bikes, the Fold X has a very lightweight battery that only makes the bike easier to fold and carry. You can also charge the battery on or off the bike.

However, the battery is let down slightly by its lack of LED charge indicators that most electric bikes have. To monitor the battery percentage you have to consult the LCD Display Panel.

Furthermore, the charger that comes with the battery is rather basic. There is also no fast charging port and the battery takes 8 hours to reach full charge. 

The Range

While the battery does take a considerable time to reach full charge, the Fold X’s lithium-ion battery guarantees long range. The bike can reach a maximum of 40 to 60 miles thanks to the powerful battery and electric pedal assist. Without pedaling, however, the bike will take you a maximum of 20 to 25 miles.

However, it is worth noting that the range of electric bike estimates varies according to the rider and the terrain on which the bike is mostly ridden. Therefore, the exact value of your bike’s mileage is determined by how often you use the bike and how far you go. 

The Speed-Shifter

It’s thanks to the Shimano 7 speed gear cassette with grip shifter that the Sondors Fold X is a hill climber. The 5 levels of electric pedal assistance and 7 manual gear shifts help make the Fold X an extremely versatile model.

The more gears a bike has, the better it can adapt to different terrains and the more command it has on range variation. This gives the Fold X the edge over other electric bikes, as these bikes do not include such heavy shifters and electrical pedal assist. 

With a simple press of the thumb throttle you can ride on full-electric power, or, for a more laid-back ride, opt for pedal assist. 

The Tires

Tires should match the build of the bike, and as this is a folding bike the fat tires you will find on other Sondors Sport bikes will not be suitable. However, the tires provided with the Fold X are strong and provide better grip than the tires found on Sondors Sport models. 

Sondors boast that their tires are ‘all terrain’ tires, and they are certainly sturdy and fast enough to move as smoothly on sand, dirt, or even snow as they do on pavement. They are a respectable 20 x 4.0 inches in size and are in proportion to the 500 Watt motor. 

However, while these are ‘all terrain’ tires, enthusiastic cyclists who like to ride on hard and rocky terrains should expect some wear and tear.

LCD Screen

When crowdfunding the original Sondors Fold, its LCD screen was what had a lot of its funders hooked and invested in the product.

The aim of the LCD screen was an enhanced touch screen that would only increase the bike’s portability. Sondors definitely achieved this, as you can control the whole bike from the LCD screen.

The screen allows you to select levels of electric pedal assistance, your choice of torque, and other important speed features. You can do all this with a few quick taps. Additionally, the Fold X LCD screen displays your battery levels, your distance traveled, and your speed.


As mentioned in the introduction to this review, the Fold X does not come with any accessories by design. Its lack of accessories is what makes it so affordable. However, Sondors makes up for this by producing high-quality bikes that minimize the need for accessories. 

If you would like to purchase accessories or you require accessories further down the line, Sondors do sell accessories on their official website. You can also purchase some accessories from Amazon.

However, locating Sondors Fold X accessories in physical bike stores may prove difficult, as Sondors tend to sell their products exclusively.