Electric bikes are increasing with popularity, especially as more of us seek to ditch environment-wrecking cars. Electric bikes – also known as eBikes – are an exciting alternative to the traditional bike, as they feature an integrated electric motor used to assist propulsion.

While the range of e-bikes available was pretty limited at first, there’s now a range of electric bike types on the market, from folding bikes to mountain style designs. Today we’re going to be reviewing Wave’s range of eBikes. They have three designs to choose from: “Folding Wave”, “Tidal Wave” and “Wave 2.0”. We’ll be providing you with an overview of this company, as well as the standout features of their electric bike range. 

First up though, who are Wave? 

About the company 

Wave was set up to “revolutionize” the electric bike market. Their bikes are available for a very affordable price and their product line includes their original cruiser-style eBike, an updated version of this, and a folding eBike. 

Wave eBikes is the brainchild of business partners Justin Bransmit and Aaron Brady, who together boast over 25 years of business and manufacturing experience.

The concept of Wave came about through Aaron’s passion for motorized vehicles, which prompted him to get his pilot’s license a few years back. 

While cruising over the Los Angeles coastline he noticed the amount of people out cycling, and started to think of ways to make cycling more enjoyable AND more efficient.

However, he also noticed that electric bikes with the desirable specs were way out of most people’s price range, and so it became his mission to develop an affordable electric bike capable of impressive top speeds and outstanding mileage. 

He joined forces with Justin Bransmit, who is able to offer years of manufacturing experience and marketing acumen to the table, and the two turned to crowdfunding to get their idea up and running. 


The Tidal Wave is Wave’s original eBike. It features a step-through beach cruiser frame making it easy to mount and dismount, particularly for those with limited mobility. 

Wave bikes don’t come in multiple sizes, but the seat post of the Tidal Wave can be adjusted to accommodate riders between 4’10” and 6’2″.

The aluminum frame alone weighs 50 lbs, but with the battery, this takes the overall weight to 60 lbs, and it’s suitable for a maximum weight of 270lbs. It comes in a range of stylish color options: ‘pearl white’, ‘satin black’, or ‘candy apple blue.’ 


The Tidal Wave comes with a 48V 750-watt Brushless Hub Motor and a 48V, 12Ah Samsung cell battery. One of the good things about this battery is that you don’t have to charge it fully before using the bike if you don’t have time.

Plus, on a full single charge, it has enough endurance to propel you over 26 miles without ever having to pedal!

The Tidal Wave has a top speed of 25 miles per hour, while the maximum range in full-electric mode, depending on the weight of the rider, is about 26 miles. You also have the option of using pedal-assist mode or pedaling manually to save battery power. 

Gears and Brakes 

The Tidal Wave is equipped with six-speed Shimano gears to allow faster travel over longer distances and easier uphill pedaling.

The seat has under-springs for added suspension, but the fork is steel and due to the cruiser style of the bike, it’s best for casual and city riding. The front wheel has a disc brake for stopping at short notice, with a V-brake on the rear. 



Most of the improvements to the Wave 2.0 come into its design. The Wave 2.0 features the same step-through cruiser style frame as the original Wave eBike, but it has an all-new aluminum frame and electrical wires that tuck neatly into the frame. The red LED light is wired to the battery and, along with the front LED light, is controlled with the LED display. 

The seat has been ergonomically designed for greater comfort, and the side kickstand and quick release seat latch have also been improved. There are also all-new synthetic leather grips on the handlebars which feature luxury stitching. 


The Wave 2.0 features the same great 48V, 750W motor as the Tidal Wave, as well as a 48V, 10Ah battery with Samsung cells that won’t experience memory problems or need to be fully discharged before recharging. It has a top speed of 25 miles per hour, and a 23-mile range in full-electric mode, as well as pedal-assist mode which will boost you to a full 30 mph! 

Gears and Brakes 

The Wave 2.0 features the same brakes as the original Wave eBike, as well as 6-speed Shimano gears to help you tackle hills with ease. 



The Folding Wave is designed for commuters or anyone who needs a bike that won’t take up a lot of room. It folds away or unfolds in less than 60 seconds, making it easy to store away in small closets and car trunks.

This also means that it arrives fully assembled and folded in the box, so it will take just 60 seconds to assemble! It comes in the same great choice of colors as the other Wave bikes, too, and has a lightweight aluminum frame.


As a smaller, folding bike, the Folding Wave will obviously boast less power than the full-sized Waves. However, it still has a 36-Volt 350-Watt rear brushless motor and 36V 7.8Ah battery capable of propelling you 18 miles in full electric mode on a single charge or over 30 miles in pedal-assist mode. 

Gears and Brakes 

The Folding Wave has 6-speed Shimano gears to help you tackle hills on your daily commute, and it has a front Shimano V-Brake and Rear Hub-Brake. 


What we like about Wave eBikes

They’re affordable 

First of all, we love that Wave offers electric bikes at a more affordable price point. Sure, you may still think that these bikes are expensive, but considering the quality of their specs, they provide plenty of bang for your buck. While you might find a cheaper eBike elsewhere, it’ll lack the quality and power of a Wave bike.

They’re for everyone 

From the step-through cruiser-frames to the range of fun colors these bikes come in, we like that they’re accessible to everyone, even those who may not have a great deal of experience when it comes to cycling.

With the boost of the motor and the pedal-assist mode, people of all fitness levels and ages can enjoy cycling or commuting with minimal effort.

They’re comfortable 

These bikes are designed to allow you to cruise in comfort. The seats are wide and plush, and the handlebars are positioned to allow for an upright – and more ergonomic – riding position. 

They’re efficient 

Electric bicycles such as the Wave eBike are most efficient when their motors are running at roughly 80 percent of maximum power. Many typical e-bikes have maximum speeds of around 20 mph, which means that they are most efficient at maybe 16 mph.

Riding them at 100% power output (20 mph) drains their batteries quickly, while the Wave e-Bike is most efficient when ridden at 20 mph, which is the perfect compromise between distance and speed. 

Why ride an electric bike? 

  • Ride further and faster with a lot less effort 
  • You have options: pedal manually, go on full-electric mode, or opt for pedal-assist mode 
  • They’re more environmentally friendly 
  • More affordable than running a car (A Wave bike averages at about $0.01/mile, whereas a car is around $0.59/mile) 
  • Ride to your destination without breaking a sweat and requiring a shower 

Final Say 

The Wave eBike range is small but it’s impressive, and we’re sure it’ll grow in the coming years. These bikes are perfect for casual riders who want to cruise in comfort but also want the benefits of an electric motor. 

The affordable price point makes these bikes great for entry-level riders or anyone on a budget, but they also deliver in terms of quality.

The folding bike is a great option for commuters, whereas the cruiser eBikes are best for those wanting an eBike for riding around town or enjoying weekend bike rides along the boardwalk.