Although nobody seems to be keeping an exact count, electric bicycles, sometimes known as e-bikes, are growing in status universally. 

The demand for electric bikes has also skyrocketed. It is thus only fair that the market is currently filled with various models of electric bicycles.

One of the leading brands in the electric bicycles universe is Rambo. The brand prides itself on providing a utilitarian bicycle that can beat any off-road terrain as you go on your hunting, camping, commuting, or fishing trip. 

These silent monsters are the perfect e-bikes for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Like most popular brands, Rambo has a line of different e-bike models in their arsenal. 

From the most expensive ones (The Venom, Megatron) to more affordable ones (The Rooster, Cruiser), we are certainly spoilt for choices. When starting, it may feel overwhelming to choose. 

If you are overwhelmed, we got your back. This Rambo Electric Bike Reviews will help you narrow down to the most suitable e-bike for you!

First and foremost, despite the wide range of models, all Rambo bikes are built with powerful motors and batteries, fat tires, and strong, customizable frames. 

Rambo has two distinct categories for their bikes, as mentioned above:


  • Camping – Rooster, Nomad, and Rebel.
  • Commuting – Ryder, Pursuit, Colorado 4, Colorado 3, Savage, Cruiser, and Rooster.
  • Fishing – Prowler, Rebel, Savage, and Rooster.
  • Hunting – Venom, Megatron, Prowler, Rebel, Crusader, Nomad, Bushwacker, and Roamer.


  • High performance – Roamer, Ryder, Pursuit, Colorado 4, Colorado 3, Savage, Cruiser, and Rooster.
  • Xtreme Performance – Venom, Megatron, Rampage, Prowler, Rebel, Krusader, Nomad, and Bushwacker.

As you can see, Rambo has quite a number of E-bike models. 

The models are all there to ensure they cater to every rider’s needs. 

Unfortunately, due to the high number, we will only review the brand’s best and most popular E-bikes. 

We hope that the reviews below will help you find the best E-bike for you.

The Rooster

Rambo EBike Review The Rooster

It is one of the most affordable Rambo models. The Rooster has a unique step-through design that makes it suitable for all types of riders, whether tall or short. 

It is designed to make your commutes and off-road adventures as smooth as possible.

The Rooster comes with an integrated rear rack, and you can also install a rack or basket at the front. Ith more load space, it makes your shopping trips more convenient, comfortable, and less strenuous.

The battery is easy to install or remove for charging or storage due to the simple slide-on/off design. The external battery will take you 35 miles away without pedaling. 

For a simple daily commuter or weekend rider, 35 miles is more than enough.

The Rooster is more suitable for riders who don’t demand much power from their E-bikes. It can handle some offroad adventures such as beach riding, but you will be asking too much from it on long or steep climbs. 

If you are not an avid adventurer but could use daily bike rides, you might want to buy The Rooster.


  • 750W motor
  • 35-mile range
  • 48V 14AH battery
  • Weight: 61 lbs
  • Frame Size: 17″ Medium
  • Additional Accessories: Integrated rear rack, Mini LCD, Single speed hub drive

The Cruiser

Rambo Ebike Review The Cruiser

The Rambo cruiser is literal the definition of a great bike at a great price. You can’t find a well-built mid-drive motor at the price of the Cruiser.

If you are just getting started on your e-bike journey, the Cruiser is what you are looking for. It features the best of both worlds. An easy-going rider and frequent outdoor adventurer will find it very efficient and affordable.

The Cruiser has an Aluminium alloy 6061 frames with a tapered rigid fork. It comes in 3 different colors; black, grey, and green.

How powerful is it? The powerful high torque mid-drive motor has a 500W nominal power rating and a 750W peak power rating

We aren’t done yet. Coupled with 145 Nm of max torque, it can handle rough terrains. The 48V 10.4AH battery will allow a maximum distance of 35 miles. The distance range can be maximized by pedal assistance.

The bike is designed to be very customizable. Riders can install front and rear racks for more load space, front suspension fork, and fenders. The additional accessories allow riders to make the bike as efficient as possible, depending on their needs.

It offers amazing off-road capabilities that beginner riders will appreciate despite not being the most powerful bike in Rambo’s model line-up. 

The price tag is great compared to its features, and that is why it is one of the most attractive bikes to commuters and average outdoor adventurers.


  • 500W high torque motor
  • 35-mile range
  • 48V 10.4AH battery
  • Weight: 59 lbs
  • Frame Size: 19″ Medium
  • Front and Rear brake: Tektro 180 mm
  • Additional accessories: Mini LCD, 7 speed cassette (12T-32T), Kenda Krusade 26″ x 4″ tires


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The Krusader

Just when you think you have the best bike, the Rambo Krusader comes along. It was among the first two-wheel drive e-bike in the market. The Krusader is a beast among bikes.

How so? For starters, The Krusader has Bafang 500W Hub Motors on the front and rear wheels. 

The motors make the bike so powerful(a total of 1000W), it can pull and take you through anything. 

Yes, the Krusader will chew through mud, climb steep hills, and run miles along the beach. Simply put, we have a hill-climbing monster for all hardcore adventurers!

The Samsung 48V 14AH battery has a maximum distance range of 38 miles. 

The battery is well equipped to handle the power from both motors. Being characteristically(Rambo bikes) silent, you can hunt with ease and finesse up and down the mountains.

The Krusader comes with Logan 2 piston hydraulic disk brakes, GT MRK full front suspension, Maxxis Minion tires 26” x 4.0”, and five different power levels. If you are not convinced yet, you can rest assured that this bike will be okay in every terrain.

This beast is for anyone that needs a powerful vehicle to help power through unfriendly terrain. 

For avid hunters, this is the best you can get for a reasonable price.


  • Two Bafang 500W Hub Motors
  • Paint: TrueTimber Viper Woodland Camo
  • 38-mile range
  • 48V 14AH battery
  • Weight: 74 lbs
  • Frame Size: 19″
  • Additional Accessories: Digital display(DP C10.UART), 2 Logan HD-E500 2 Piston Hydraulic 180mm


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The Megatron


If you thought the Krusader was the bet that Rambo has to offer, you were wrong.

 For every rider and hunter that demands the best for their bikes, it can’t get better than the Megatron. At least, not yet.

According to Rambo, this bikes features components never offered before. They are right!

 The Megatron comes with Dual 1000W hub motors that make a total of 2000W. 

The motors offer you complete control with their on-demand technology.

 You can switch from the front wheel, rear wheel, and back to all-wheel drive with the press of a button. You have full control of the bike while riding.

The bike also carries dual batteries of 17AH each. The 34AH total guarantees you up to 80 miles of range

Can it get better than this?

The Megatron caters to riders that can efficiently use the powerful features it comes with. This bike is every hunter’s dream coming true!


  • Two Bafang 1000W Hub Motors
  • Paint: TrueTimber Viper Western Camo
  • 80-mile range
  • 48V 34AH batteries
  • Weight: 77 lbs
  • Frame Size: 19.7″ Medium
  • Additional Accessories: Full-color display, single-speed hub

What do we like about the Rambo E-bikes?

All Rambo bikes are carefully manufactured to cater to a specific group of riders’ needs. Generally, Rambo bikes are one of the most powerful in the industry, making them much more popular with hunters.

Hunters prefer these bikes due to their stealth capability as they are silent and scentless. Let us look at what else we like about the Rambo Bikes.

LCD/ Full Color Display

The displays are the most common feature of Rambo bikes. It is always useful to know the various stats of your bike. These displays help you keep track of the stats and much more.

Fat Tires

The bikes usually come with 26” x 4.0” fat tires. The tires keep you going in various unfriendly offroad terrains.


The amount of power that rides get from the bikes’ motors is astonishing. Depending on your specific needs and price tag, you can choose between models with hub or mid-drive motors.

All Wheel Drive

2WD bikes are rare in the market. Rambo is among the few brands that offer this feature. Furthermore, you can enjoy this feature at a reasonable price. Check out The Krusader and Megatron for a powerful AWD bike.

Camo Design

Rambo is a hunter’s brand. Most of the bikes come in the camo design to camouflage hunters. Preys will not even see them coming because they are also silent and scentless bikes.

Addon Accessories

If you like adding more accessories to your bikes, you can not go wrong with Rambo bikes. They come with bosses on the frame that allow you to install accessories that you want. Rambo bikes also have a bunch of accessories that are made to fit the bikes readily.

You can customize the bikes to your heart’s content.


Rambo is a leading brand for a reason. 

The bikes are among the best in the industry, and they have capitalized on their specialty, power. Whether you are a hunter or a commuter, there is a bike for you from Rambo Bikes.