Do you want to make a DIY e-bike but don’t have the skills? Well, the Swytch bike review has got your back, your front and all the other angles. The Swytch conversion kits allow you to create a DIY portal e-bike. If you want to learn more about why you should buy this innovative product, then continue reading.

A new kind of bike:

Since prehistoric times there was only one type of bicycle, i.e., the peddle operated. The progression of technology led to the invention of a new kind of bike i.e., “The e-bikes”. But these electric bikes were costly for the majority of people. Therefore, the e-bike conversion kit became a more reasonable solution.

Although these conversion kits allowed you to convert any ordinary bike into an electric bike, you lose the bike’s elegance. Moreover, these conversion kits took more than hours and sometimes a whole day to install successfully.

Swytch bike review introduced a new concept for e-bike conversion kits. All the kit’s major components fit inside a single bag that you can hang on the bike’s handle. Doesn’t it sound interesting? The idea quickly caught a lot of attention, and the project funds increased. Thus, a new kind of bikes, “ The portable e-bike”, came to market.

What is the Swytch bike review powerpack?

Standard e-bike conversion kits restrict you to permanently fix the battery and controller to the bike’s triangle. It adds a lot of weight to the middle of the cycle and makes it difficult to commute. Moreover, you have to move the whole bike near a power socket for charging, which can be very tiresome.

On the other hand, the Swytch power pack is a portable all-in-one bag. It has a battery, a controller and also the connections inside a single package. The pack is present at the handle of the bike, and you can remove it for charging. The motor and torque assistant are permanent on the bike.

Advantages of power-pack:

The innovative technology of the power-pack has many features. it can assist you greatly in your daily life. Some of these features are as follows:

– Portable:

The power-pack is present at the center of the bike’s handle. It weighs only 1.5KG that makes it almost unnoticeable during the ride. You can easily remove the power pack using just a single finger. It means you can carry it around in your backpack when not use.

– Charging:

Other conversion kits force you to move the whole bike near the power socket for charging. In contrast, you can dismount the portable pack and move it quickly to the nearest charging socket. This feature is mainly helpful for college students, and job employs.

– Security:

There have been some reports of battery or controller being stolen from the parking. With the portable power pack, you don’t have to leave the hardware on the bike. You can easily carry it around in your backpack af

– Installation:

The Swytch bike review power-pack is very easy to install after the first assembly. All you need to do is lock the pack in the mounting arm before riding and connect the main cable. Similarly, the dismounting of the power-pack is also as simple as pressing a single button.

– Weight management:

Most of the conversion kits come with an external battery. This assembly is present at the triangle of the bike. It means that your body needs to support the weight all the time. Whereas the power-pack equally distributes the weight to wheels and the bike structure. Therefore, Your body supports only a minimum amount of load.

How fast can a Swytch bike go?

The Swytch conversion kit is designed especially for traveling within the city. It comes with a 250W motor and a 2600mAh battery. Such powerful machinery allows you to go as fast as 20mph on a 5-6% steep climb. The consistent torque enables you to maintain an efficient speed no matter where you are riding.

Riding experience:

The power-pack mount location is very efficient. The whole kit adds only a mere 3KGs to the total weight of the bike. Once you get used to it, you don’t even feel the kit’s presence anymore. This kit provides easy commuting within the city.

The power pack gives a different vibe than a bike basket. It doesn’t bounce as much and even assists you during turning. The motor is installed to the front hub and thus supports it’s own weight. When riding within the city, the bike can go as fast as 25mph, but speed restriction keeps it under 20mph. You can overclock the kit for even better performance during racing.

How to install a Swytch bike?

The installation of this conversion kit is straightforward. The motor is installed on the front wheel for pulling the bike. You are required to swap your current wheel with a Swytch compatible wheel. The premium-quality material of the wheel provides a comfortable riding experience.

After swapping the wheel, you need to install the motor and the PAS sensor to the wheel. This sensor allows the bike to calculate its speed and adjust accordingly.

Cable management:

The cable management for the Swytch bike review conversion kit is also effortless. It is because the battery and controller are present inside the power-pack rather than the bike’s triangle. It means you don’t need to worry about cable management because the manufacturer already takes it to care. Once the kit is set up, you are free to ride as you please.


There are two variants of the Swytch bike powerpack, i.e., the Pro and ECO:


Swytch bike is an all-in-one e-bike conversion kit. It is straightforward to install, and you can fit it on any standard bike. In this Swytch bike review, I have included all the information you need before ordering a Swytch bike kit.